Strategies to Deal With Phnom Penh Bar Girls

Cambodian Girl Posing for Picture

Phnom Penh bar girls come in all shapes and sizes (short and slim is the most common by far though) and they all have their own game.  Knowing it can ensure maximum fun for you, and, hopefully, this comes about by showing the girl you fancy a good time too.  This post will briefly go over five common types of Phnom Penh bar girls you are likely to encounter in hostess barsfreelancer joints, and discos.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #1 – The Newbie

Description - These girls may not only be new to this line of work, they are possibly new to Phnom Penh too.  They could be from some village or provincial capital and probably have no English.  They learn the basics quickly enough though.  Most often found in hostess bars because some hostess bars actively recruit young new girls by offering jobs to girls working in garment factories offering a job sitting in a bar with tips and higher pay instead of sitting long hours in a hot factory sewing.  They also recruit passively by allowing girls employed at the bar to bring their friends to work based on word of mouth.

Strategies - These girls are often shy, so getting to them first is a good idea.   They may get a kick out of hearing a foreigner try to speak some Khmer with them, so bring your dictionary and give it a try.  You may end up with a free Khmer lesson in the process.  Chatting with the other girls in the bar and getting them to like you helps too.  Visit a few times before attempting to barfine to gain her confidence.  It is entirely possible that such girls are just “working for the salary and tips” and are in fact non-barfinable.  They want to keep their future prospects or marriage open, and uphold their family’s reputation so they choose to remain virgins.  If this is the case, respect her wishes.  Their are lots of other fish in the sea of Phnom Penh bar girls.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #2 – The Party Girl

Description - These girls genuinely like partying at discos and is akin to party girls who work all week and party all weekend in the west.  Think of them like promiscuous party girls at discos back home who go out to pick up a guy to have a one night stand, but with a few important differences.  She may or may not have day job, she may just go with a customer to finance the cost of partying.

Strategies - Have fun with her and take part in the disco activities.  Drink, dance, and be merry.  It will make a good impression, but, like party girls in western countries she may be selective.  One way to check if you are in is to buy her a drink, if she doesn’t disappear with it once you’ve paid, you’re in. If you take her early in the evening offer to go to a guesthouse nearby, she’ll probably want to go back to the disco afterwards.  Where can one find these girls?  PontoonRiverhouse, and Heart of Darkness are three nice enough discos where party girls looking for foreigners can be found Phnom Penh.  Look for them on the dance floor.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #3 – The “Ice Head”

Description - Phnom Penh bar girls work long hours.  Some of them use methamphetamine, or ice as it is known locally.  It is either a social recreational habit, or something to “take the edge off” when she does a job she doesn’t enjoy, or else it is a way for her to stay awake all night.  Ice has the side effect of suppressing appetite and being addictive.  The easiest way to spot a girl with an ice habit is the fact that she appears underweight.  Not only because she’s got no appetite, she may simply choose to spend her money on ice instead of food.  Some girls, on some occasions, can be a bit unpredictable and crazy for obvious reasons.

Strategies - These girls are keen to get customers and are easy to meet.  If they are high, it may or may not be obvious.  But if they are, they are less inhibited both in public and in private as a result.  Some guys may like their Phnom Penh bar girls uninhibited, but if you decide to take her someplace to be alone, keep an eye on your wallet.  Some of these girls have sticky fingers.  As far as other activities, the decent thing to do is to offer to buy them some food.  Ask to go with them to whatever snack stall is nearby and see what’s on offer to make sure your money gets her a few extra calories.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #4 - Waiting for the big score

Waiting to go into Heart of Darkness

Description - These girls are looking for relatively few customers who can afford to pay more. Usually they are very beautiful girls, and they know it.  Often very well dressed, graceful, and in high heels in the evenings, they can be found in a variety of places including hostess bars, freelancer hangouts, and discos.  They are good with make up, have better than average taste in clothes, and have cultivated the poise to pull them off.  Big score girls are usually quite pleasant, and friendly and more often than not they are on their own.  When they find their “big score”, they don’t want competition around in the form of an attractive girlfriend looking for the same thing.  Ultimately, such attractive girls are looking for a western husband with a steady income.  Assuming they have what was mentioned above, they will often be successful and leave the scene of Phnom Penh bar girls once and for all.

Strategies - These girls are, by the nature of their game, more selective.  They will be looking for guys with money, or attractive, younger guys.  So, you can try to play up one of these strengths when chatting with her.  The big score girls may be impressive in the evenings after spending an hour or so in a beauty salon getting dolled up, but in the day time, without makeup, a girl can look quite average compared her nighttime alter ego.  If you are short on cash, offer to take her to lunch the next day, or just meet up.  Big paying customers are evening fare for her, so you may be able to get a better price if you plan to take her somewhere more intimate in the day since it will be during her off peak hours when she’s not gone through the trouble of making herself up.  Going with a customer generally spoils her makeup.

Alternatively, you may just wish to be the one to spoil her makeup.  If so, when you meet such a girl in the evening just offer to pay her asking price.  Hopefully by doing this you can enjoy your evening with her as she will be in a happy mood knowing that she will be getting the financial compensation she wants.  Being straight forward and asking in the bar is perfectly fine.  She may be looking for $40 -$60 for a short time, possibly even more.  These girls tend to have regular customers whose company they enjoy and that can afford them.  By waiting for the right guy, she’ll earn with one customer what other girls earn with two or three.  Which brings us to our final type of bar girl discussed in this post…

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #5 - Taking all punters

Description - This type is your hardworking, salt of the earth bar girl.  They will sometimes approach potential customers in their venue and maximize their earnings by sheer volume.  Charming talkers, young girls, and pretty girls can find two, three or more customers in a night by going with them for a short time, then returning to the bar.  They may even head to another spot to look for their next customer if you have freed them for the evening by paying their bar fine.  Girls who are not well endowed with ways to attract guys may sit around all night, hoping for several customers but finding none.

Strategies - The only strategy for this kind of girl is to be conscious of her time.  She will not want to go out dancing, or visit another bar with you because it means she’s giving up time to meet her next customer.  They are out there to shake their money makers, so just make a proposition.  Phnom Penh bar girls like these are happy to move fast and not too stickly about the price.  Most are happy enough with $20, having asked numerous girls of this type, they say that $15 is okay, and $20 is a fair price.  If she’s looking for more than this, she’s probably not taking all punters.

Phnom Penh Bar Girls

Surely there are lots more different types and sub-types of bar girls that could go in an article such as this.  Feel free to comment on them below if you have a type of bar girl the guys want to know about.  Hopefully this article has been useful and will help you to effectively navigate your way through the throngs of Phnom Penh bar girls you’ll encounter on your next evening on the town.

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  1. honey says:

    Hello and thank you for this very nice article.Ive never been to cambodia before,but im a planning a trip with my friend this december or maybe next summer.
    we have both been going to pattaya thailand for many years so we know how things work there.But we aren’t to happy with how things are developing there.Girls are getting to arrogant and demanding.kinda missing the friendly asian face that was there in the beginning.Feel like a walking atm machine now.Im not saying that cambodian girls aren’t thinking the same way but it seems from what i have read about then,they atleast dont show it as much.”i might be mistaken tho”
    Anyway from what im reading here it seems that cam girls are only looking for short time.They dont enjoy getting barfined and going out having fun and spending the night togheter at the hotell?just wanting to get it over with and get the next customer?
    Im not a short time fan tbh,i enjoy taking the girl out,having fun drinking and what not,and then ending up at the hotel for some midnight fun.Also waking up with her in the morning.
    Been to many years in thailand i guess:)

    Thanks for any repley:)

    • admin says:

      There are girls here who do pretty much any amount of time. Short time, all night, all the way up to professional girlfriends. A friend was propositioned by a bar girl who offered to be his girlfriend, live with him, and do pretty much everything a girlfriend does for a few hundred dollars a month. You can negotiate the length of time to spend with a girl in advance, or just treat her nicely and see how long she stays (after you pay her). All nighters are definitely a go here in Phnom Penh. I have even heard of girls who stay the night (with guys they know well) not for hanky-panky, but just because the gentlemen have a nice apartment and give them a meal before bed and breakfast in the morning.

      Staying all night would be abonus for any girl who:
      1. Has to pay for a night price for a moto ride home.
      2. Lives with lots of people in cramped conditions and can’t sleep in.
      3. Sleeps on a wooden floor instead of a bed.
      4. Gets food and drinks in addition to being paid some cash.

      Cambodian girls are very traditional, and they like the idea of someone looking after them (not the iceheads so much, they like the idea of taking whatever money they make and smoking more ice). Some guys who travel have girlfriends they meet up with when they get here and travel with them the whole time they are here. Mountains, beaches, wherever. They make useful translators and good company (assuming you find the right girl). They tend to send a hundred dollars a month, or more, when they are out of the country though to make sure their good find will dedicate all her time to him again on his next visit.

      As long as it is mutually beneficial, you will find what you want. If it a hostess bar girl, you may need to go several times to get to know her first though. Freelancers are a bit more open to the idea of spending longer periods of time with guys.

  2. diqiu says:

    A very good guide indeed. Back in 2009 I lived and worked in PP for a few months and I had a favourite bar to meet girls and other bars for fun. I used to hussle pool at Walkabout with the Freelancers and got quite friendly with a bunch of them because I would always win, tanked on Black Panther! In fact I found that if you could get a local girl to drink Black Panther, she’d be yours, the trick was to get them to drink it. That was 2009 and from what I’ve read here and another blog things haven’t changed much. You don’t have to bar fine any one. You just tell the girl of your choice that you’ll meet her when the bar closes. Most will be there waiting for you and if they are still winding down when you get back there will other girls looking out for you to arrive. It’s absolutely OK not to bar fine, just go out later, or go to other bars for fun and find the bar, and there will be one or two that you really like, for sure.
    I got lucky on my first arrangement, but the girl would not shag! Huh! How is that lucky? Well, she just needed some one to talk to and so I listened as she had very good English and a very good story. So I paid her $10, any way and we swapped phone numbers. I didn’t see her, or hear from her for almost a week and she called me late one night and came around to my guesthouse to visit and shagged me stupid all night and did so on an irregular basis for a couple of months; FREE!!! She told me that she gets 300 Euros a month to look after a German for two weeks a year. One night she was crying and so I inquired and she said the German was coming the next week. I couldn’t do the 300 Euros and that was why she was crying. So I just said,”See you in few weeks.” I didn’t hear from here again, didn’t see her in any bars and I looked every night for about 6 weeks. One night I was back where I met her and that was always my hangout spot any ways, and there she was! My heart jumped! She saw me come in but looked at me as a stranger. It felt real bad and very inhibited, too. So I just watched her for an hour or so, but eventually I went up to her and offered to buy her a drink as if a stranger, but very quickly said,” Did you forget me?’ She put her face up very close to mine, and then a great big smile, and grabbed me and hugged me and even cried, and profusely apologised. I didn’t know it until then, that all that time we had been very intimate and going out here and there, she wore contacts!!! But her joy to find me was because her phone had been stolen, and she had been looking in all the bars, for me, too! Well, we had quite a re-union that night and got right back to where had been before the sugar Daddy came along. But she didn’t shag the German! She told me that his wife had found out and so he told he that he was supporting a poor Cambo girl and her sister, which was true, so she came along with him to meet the girls!!! The German and his wife lavished the girls for two weeks, and even went to the sister’s school.
    I was totally smitten with her, the bar girl, but I was rapidly running out of money and had to leave PP and Cambo to find work. I went to HCM but never went back to PP. HCM was the worst place I have ever been to. That time in PP was such a wonderful experience, one of the best, with a girl, in my entire life! I know that if I go back to PP, it will happen again, with another girl or the same one.
    Word of warning; be very careful in Martinis, and Sharky’s. Best to just go there a few times and observe. I got done several times out of Martinis when the girl changed her agreed price the next morning, and interestingly they were the worst shags, too. Also check very carefully for track marks on arms; addicts! PP is awash with them and they are big trouble. When you take a girl back to your room she can change the price and you must pay, you have no choice if she insists, but you could do what I did in Pattaya, just have a bit more than the fee in your wallet. If she says $15 have $18 in it. Then just say,”This is all I’ve got until I get paid.” You open the wallet and offer her the $18 or what ever you have in there. She’ll take it, and leave. In Thailand they’ll leave you some ‘to make do until you get paid!’ Then you just go to your stash high up on a wall and refill your wallet!!! The other way is to pay them after you do the business when you first took them back to your room, whether they do any more for you or not is up to them. Just always sort out your room before going out! I got wise and only went to Martinis/Sharky’s for fun, dancing and 8 ball.
    You can find the girl of your dreams there. I met many who did, many. They told that their girl really looks after them and is very careful about your money making sure that you can afford the long term, and if you are older like me, ensuring their long term after you drop. One thing they all told me tho’, was that after a couple of years into the arrangement/marriage, usually two years, you’ll be hard pressed to get shag from your wife unless you can get her to drink Black Panther. Now that is not so bad because you can go back to the bars without complaints from your Cambo wife, in fact she might even find a honey to serve you, just as they do in Thailand!

  3. 1st Time in PP says:

    Very useful tips for my 1st trip to PP soon. My concern is if the girls do steal you while you are in restroom and she is alone in bedroom? In Thailand usually they don’t steal you.
    Do these girls behave nice to all races or nationalities or they are rude to asians, blacks or arabs?

    Thanks and I appreciate the reply from admin.

    • admin says:

      Just as in Thailand, usually the girls here do not steal, however, everyone seems to have a story about that one time they, or one of their fiends, had a girl steal from them. Any advice in posts on this site about taking your pants (with your wallet in the pocket) into the washroom with you is common sense for your own protection. It is not intended to make all the hard-working Cambodian girls out as thieves waiting for the right moment to steal from each and every customer. Most are good, honest girls. Keeping an eye on your things just avoids potential problems.

      As for your questions about race, we can offer the following opinions. Please note that we are open minded and enjoy the opportunity to socialize with people of all shapes, sizes, colours, and accents, from wherever they may come from. Our attitude is that no one race is better than any other. As for the girls attitudes to other races, consider the following:

      - Other Asians generally have good reputations in Cambodia as they come as tourists or businessmen. As a result, the girls tend to respect them.
      - When out on the town, the girls are just as likely to be clinging to, or socializing with asians as they are with europeans.
      - Africans generally have a less than sterling reputation in Phnom Penh as girls talk about their association with drug trafficking. This may or may not be true, and it is beyond the scope of this blog to attempt to determine if this is true or not, let alone discuss it.
      - African gentlemen tend to be well endowed and some girls prefer gentlemen who are more modestly hung.
      - Africans, and the girls who like them, can often be found at Do It All Bar. There is also a small girly bar on St 51 about 100 meters North of St 144 that caters to African clientele.
      - As for Arabs, they seem to be few and far between in Phnom Penh. It would be surprising if a girl would give a second thought to a man with an arabic accent provided said arab was wearing trousers and a shirt. Should someone show up in a dishdasha and a fez cap, they’d likely draw some attention to themselves.

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