Girls in Cambodian Nightlife

Cambodian NightlifeCambodian Nightlife

Cambodian nightlife contains a myraid of options ranging from disco crowds heaving with excitement to the beats of European DJs to heartbreaking brothels employing indentured girls sold by their impoverished parents.  Being a patriarchal society girls and women are hired at various establishments to provide entertainment for men.  Men make up the majority of those who go out to enjoy the various types of entertainment Cambodian girls provide.

To understand the complex tapestry that makes up nightlife in Cambodia we must first understand Cambodia in the context of its history and its ambitions as a country.  For many westerners, Cambodia has a a reputation as a backwater developing country with a tragic modern history that includes genocide, civil war, coups, and political battles between rival factions.  More information on Cambodia’s history is available here. These ideas alone would be enough to put visitors off visiting Cambodia; however, as the Cambodian economy slowly grows, it seems that the country aims to be an equal in terms of GPD wealth with its relatively successful neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam.

As a result of these ambitions the country has opened to an increasing number of tourists and business and inequality has set in. Most uneducated people make $50-$70/month and Cambodian nightlife establishments cater to everyone.  Whether you have only a few dollars in your pocket, or you are an ultra rich local in a $100,000 SUV with an entourage of bodyguards, there is a place for you, and there will be girls there to entertain you.  Foreigners, and educated Cambodians who enjoy the sorts of Cambodian nightlife discussed on this sight are somewhere in the middle. Girly bars, discos, and beer gardens with hostesses for are plentiful.  In the years since the civil war ended, people have started going out at night again, bringing a resurgence to Cambodian nightlife.  Guys can enjoy beef BBQ and several pitchers of beer for $10 or so at local venues, of course, with a hostess providing conversation and sharing your beer and food for the evening.  Lots of girls working in the entertainment scene, for foreigners and locals alike, have wages so low that in order to earn a living wage they turn to prostitution, or hope that their customers tip them adequately.

While the rich get richer, the poor stay poor.  There are just too many girls looking for work, and not enough jobs to be found so wages stay low.  So when you go out in Phnom Penh, remember that $100 means relatively little to you, but it can make a big difference to a bar girl.  If you are looking for a charitable way to use your money where you know where your money goes, look no further.  Some girls don’t enjoy their jobs and would prefer to work elsewhere or go to school.  Sometimes guys sponsor them, they end up with a “girlfriend” of sorts and you will become her de facto “boyfriend” by providing her with monthly living money and the opportunity to do something better.  This is known as sponsoring a girl and you can negotiate, believe it or not, the amount it would take to be a girl’s sponsor.  It could be as low as $100 a month to $400 a month.  Why sponsor a bar girl or hostess?

Girls in Cambodian Nightlife

Girls in Cambodian Nightlife

  • No middle man or administration fees, give money right to the girl and see the difference you make in her life, be it school, a new moto, or nicer clothes, any one of which raises the girl’s status immensely.
  • Money is much more clearly at the heart of many relationships here, with men having the desire and the means to support a girl, and the women accepting the opportunity.

Having said all that about the girls, and nightlife in Phnom Penh, one may ask, after all the talk of Cambodian history, its poverty, and the exploitation of girls should I go to see it for myself?  Answer: definitely.  Every visitor brings much needed dollars into the economy and, hopefully, reading the information on this site will encourage respectful behavior towards the girls here.  If visitors understand Cambodian girls better, they can help more.  Staying away will not improve the situation but a visit will give you an opportunity to enjoy yourself and make a difference.

Considering a visit to see some Cambodian nightlife for yourself?  Leave us a message and we can work to organize the sort of trip tailored to your needs.


  1. edgar nailor says:

    looking for girlfriend

  2. billy ... says:

    looking 4girls how have skype address as a will be visiting soon
    and would like 2speak with them ..

    • admin says:

      We have decided that we will not be posting Skype addresses here. In previous versions of Skype it would have been possible to search yourself as outlined here, so if you have an old version of Skype you can give it a try. It seems as though this feature is no longer available. Alternatively, Facebook is another option. Lots of Cambodian girls have public profiles, so you can write and say hello. The girls there tend not to be “working-girls” but you may be able to make some contacts anyway. Be aware that “non-working” Cambodian girls are usually quite conservative.

  3. mike says:

    i like to move from philippines to cambodia
    how are the lady there?

    • admin says:

      The ladies here are similar, but there are a few important differences: 1) Less English is spoken by Cambodian girls than the Filipino girls speak. 2) Filipino girls tend to be a bit more “Americanized” being a former American colony and having access to American culture. This will mean something slightly different to different people, but you’ll see what i mean when you get here. 3) Cambodian girls are pretty innocent, and often less experienced (if they are working in a bar). 4) Dating non-working girls could pose a problem as they are often very conservative.

  4. DING says:

    Coming to phnom penh for 3 nights and siem reap for 4 nights in November, with a mate

    Can you recommend guest friendly hotels and clubs in both places. Reasonably nice hotels please.


    • admin says:

      A friend recently stayed at the LUX hotel, right on 136. There are more than a dozen hostess bars steps a stone’s throw from the entrance. It was “guest friendly” and prices were between $40-$60/night. Click here to see the trip advisor review. There are lots of other hotels on trip advisor as well. As for Siem Reap, I am afraid I can’t offer any advice on places I know firsthand. If you are looking for something cheaper, please write again for advice. There are places in town for as low as $7 a night.

  5. [...] girls, all day, every day.  This site has some pretty accurate Cambodian girl insights:  Sounds compelling, and it was, at least for a few months.  Eventually when you’ve got it [...]

  6. Aseng says:

    hello, I’m just knew a little about Cambodia, my plan to go there on December so is it easy to get close hotel that nearby shopping complexs and night club? why are the cambodian lady can’t speak well english? do the hotel has provide some language translator?

    • admin says:

      There are two shopping complexes that are close to the center of the town. City mall on Monireth and Sihanouk, and Sorya on Street 63 just a few hundred meters south of Central Market.

      For night clubs, check the post on Girls in Discos.

      For a hotel, perhaps staying at one on Street 154 between Streets 51 and 63 would suit you. Close to clubs on street 51, and Sorya. Only a few minutes walk to each. One of the is called the Circuit Hotel. You may be able to find it online. No trouble getting a room there. Or the hotels next door to it.

      As for a language translator, some of the girls can speak English. Or other girls can translate for you at the bars. It would be a bit strange to be taking a translator along with you if you are out picking up girls, but you can ask at the concierge if you like.

      • Nathan says:

        I think Circuit Hotel is called Nana Hotel now
        Excellent location
        Basic room $20
        Window/ Balcony room $25
        My Fav location

        all the girls speak enough english
        add a bit of sign language
        you will have the deal done and be off to ya room 3 mins flat lol

  7. Micky says:

    Hi,i’ll be staying in Tonle Sap guesthouse which is a GF-guesthouse in February,can you recommend should i go for a bargirl or FL? and what is the current rate for LT in PP?

    • admin says:

      I’m not familiar with this guesthouse. Check out some reviews on Trip Advisor at

      As for LT prices, i’ve heard guys say they get them for less than $30, but that seems pretty unlikely. Realistically, most girls don’t get more than one customer a night, so anything above her short time price is a bonus. Use her ST price, and add $20 to it for a LT. Write back if this works out well.

      As for freelance or bar girl, the freelancers are (usually) a bit more experienced. It depends what you are in to. Consider just going out to have a good time, and when the right girl comes along, go for her.

  8. john says:

    How much for LT . With first class girl. A real first class. Please let me know.

    • admin says:

      The price of a first class long time girl depends on several things.

      1. Where you find her. There are diamonds in the rough in the hostess bars around town that would go for $30-$50. Top class girls in karaoke bars, or expensive Khmer discos would be around $100. The problem is that most foreign guys will not venture to where the first class girls are, as they are Khmer places where rich Cambodian guys hang out. Look for expensive cars parked outside and hostess girls sitting inside if you want to investigate, but take a Khmer friend.

      2. The prices also depend on your age, how attractive/charming the girl finds you. Generally, if you are young(ish) energetic, and pleasant, you get a lower price.

      3. Cash flow. Some girls can be tempted by promises by guys looking for a girl to send money to to keep her sweet for a return visit. However, this may not work, and will likely not end in a lower price. And, upon your return, she’ll still be doing the same thing while you were away. But, you MAY get it for free the second time around. It is a big MAY though. Better off, in the long term, finding a new girl, and keeping your money for yourself when you are at home.

  9. Nathan says:

    MMMM Khmer girls just beautiful,you show them a good time, respect them,they will look after you big time
    I took one away to Sihnoukville for 3 nites ,she just worshipped me mind you i did buy her a lot of clothes shoes etc ,i offered her money she only took a quarter of what i offered ,also took her to V.I.P club she swam like a fish she stuck to me like glue ,hard to chase away a 34 kg angel with a smile and sparkling eyes that lights up the world
    I talk to 2 to 3 of the girls every week from my home in New Zealand
    Iv been home 5 weeks after a 2 week stay in Phnom Penh and tomorrow i fly out for a 4 week stay in cambo and a 3 day stay in pattaya for water festival
    I could very happly just stay in Phnom Penh love the vibe and laid back lifestyle and the GIRLS lol

  10. Jono says:

    I will be coming to Cambodia next month for the first time.. after a week in Bangkok.. whats the deal in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap? I’d like to know:

    1, Massage with happy ending.. easy to find? where?

    2, services.. I usually like my p4p to be “all-in” if the lady will do anal, she will certainly do everything else.. how do I ask this.. whats the deal on checking that my lady for the night wont turn out to be a one-hole, one position starfish..

    3, daytime.. at night the bars and clubs will be open.. whats the offers in daytime and where?

    thanx for the info!

    • admin says:

      1. I have heard that Panda Massage, near the Pencil market on the corner of St. 55 and Samndech Monkol Em St. “looks after you”. Other than that, there are a glut of massage places in Tolne Bassac. Ask a tuk-tuk driver to take you to “Bo-dang”. It is not far from the centre of town. There is a street with about a dozen massage places. Take your pick once you arrive on the scene.

      2. Probably best to negotiate with this girl what you want in advance. Shy girls here are not your best bet for this sort of thing. Look for experienced girls who are comfortable with customers. Usually they are the most confident and outspoken girls in the bar.

      3. For some daytime romance check out Walkabout hotel. The bar downstairs has a few girls around pretty much any time of day. CandyBar on St. 136 is also 24hours. You can often find some girls hanging around the bars near the ATM machines across the street from Heart of Darkness during the day as well.

      Have a good trip.

  11. tom says:

    Thanks for your website and your effort into providing accurate info.

    I was in PP last year and miss it… At least some good action.

    Can you provide me with:

    - Good fishbowl location?
    - Massage parlour with BJ /CIM?
    - Vietnamese brothel

    Thanks for everything and I owe you a drink!

    • admin says:

      Cannot help with information on brothels or fishbowls. Police have shut such places down in recent years. As for massage request, just ask your masseuse. Don’t try it around riverside. Make sure you find a massage place with a closing door and private room. That is a clue that you may be in the right place to get what you are asking for.

  12. sean says:

    Interested in meeting a girl to sponsor…provide her with enough to attend school and better herself, possibly with long term relationship goals. What do I do once there? His do I get a girl there working in or out of the life to understand this?

    • admin says:

      Great to hear that there is a generous guy out there looking to help a Cambodian girl move herself forward in life. All the girls are potential girls to sponsor; however, you need to carefully select one who will actually follow through with the schooling, and get good grades. Like anywhere in the west, there are some great girls who genuinely want to study and better themselves, but there are many who will happily take advantage of a genuine offer from a good hearted guy and take the cash for other purposes. Pay her tuition in person. Send her to an English class for a term and see if she goes every day. To do this, it may be necessary to have her quit her hostess job and supplement the $70+/month she’d have made working. Be careful to not throw too much cash when you start to sponsor as it may lead someone to take advantage of the situation, because they can’t believe it is sustainable in the future. So… final thought: start, small cash-wise and commitment-wise, then work up from there.

  13. Sam says:

    I am traveling to Cambodia during August 2013. Could you please tell me what is the best hotel to stay which is close to good night life?. Price for the hotel is not that important.

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      There have been a lot of such requests. It is time for an article on “monger friendly” places to stay in Phnom Penh.

  14. Jak says:

    I’m staying in the Raffle Hotel Le Royal. Any recommendations as to where I should go near there to have fun and mainly pick up girls ? Also how much a night will they typically run?

    • admin says:

      You are only a few minutes away from Street 104 if you are at Raffles. A night with a girl from one of the bars would be about $40-$60, plus the barfine, which is $5-$10. The girls could ask for more or less depending on your looks, charm and luck.

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