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Professional Girlfriends in Cambodia

Smiling Cambodian Girl

Smiling Cambodian Bar Girl

Professional girlfriends in Cambodia are potentially any girl working in the “female hostess” line of work.  These include girls at hostess bars, beer servers, freelance girls, beer garden hostesses, and karaoke hostesses.  These professions are not the most highly regarded work a girl can do.  Sometimes they meet clients and become their girlfriends, but when this happens there is likely some monetary motivation involved.  This cash transaction can take many forms.  They range from girls dating guys who regularly buy gifts for them and possibly for their families as well (does not sound too strange does it?), to an arrangement for a live-in girlfriend who will cook, clean and have sex with you in return for a monthly allowance.

Propositions From Professional Girlfriends in Cambodia

A male foreign friend was recently propositioned by a girl who offered to live with him as his girlfriend, and do what would be expected of a girlfriend,  in return for $400 a month.  To put the price in perspective, working at a bar, a girl can earn a salary of $50 – $80 a month.  Tips and drinks augment that salary.  Going with customers for sex can further augment her income, but as seems logical, going to hotels with strange men is risky at best.  Professional girlfriends in Cambodia can charge only a few hundred dollars a month and earn more money than they would at the bar, and reduce the risk they might otherwise take if they were to earn money by having sex with numerous customers.

Good or Bad?

This seems like a logical arrangement for professional girlfriends in Cambodia, but there are further added bonuses for the girls.  Depending on the commitment of the relationship, she may be able to have more than one boyfriend.  These boyfriends may not even be in the country, and they may be sending money from over seas each month.  Or, she may work for a few part time local boyfriends if the arrangements permit her to do so.  This allows girls the possibility of focusing their efforts on a few guys (whose company they hopefully enjoy) and making more money, staying safer, and avoiding the long hours and seven day work weeks that are part and parcel with working in a bar.

For the girls, it gets better still.  It may work out that one of the relationships she is engaged in ends up with her marrying a foreign guy.  If so, she’s just won the proverbial pro-girlfriend jackpot!  Obviously the guy is happy too and one of the professional girlfriends in Cambodia is finally able to retire.  Phew!

Perhaps this all sounds too good to be true?  Remember, prices vary, and the whole arrangement is up for negotiation.  If you fancy such a girl, make an offer at a bar and see what she says.  If communication is difficult, get a translator (usually another bar girl) and talk money if you really want to speak her language.  But before rushing out to your local travel agent to be on the next plane to Phnom Penh, there is further reading to be done with much more detail that was provided in this post.

Further Reading

This topic is not only one of interest to guys who are looking for a sweetheart Cambodian girlfriend.  Heidi Hoefinger, who earned her PhD from Goldsmiths, University of London, has has collected data on the topic for seven years and her work on professional girlfriends in Cambodia appeared in the South East Asia Globe as their cover story in February 2012.  This article contains a wealth of information on the topic and it is only a few pages long with some interesting pictures.  Click here to view the article.  Heidi’s work on professional girlfriends in Cambodia is also of interest to the academic community.  She will be publishing her dissertation, due to be released in 2013.  It will no doubt be an interesting read and possibly the only academic study that is in support of the women working as professional girlfriends in Cambodia.  Click here to see a synopsis of Heidi Hoefinger’s dissertation.

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How To Speak Khmer With Cambodian Bar Girls

Your New Teacher

Any foreign guy who is able to speak Khmer with Cambodian bar girls is in for a good time.  This article is here to teach you about words and phrases you should know when engaging Cambodian girls – in their language.  So, get your thinking cap on and grab a pen and paper because bar girls everywhere in Phnom Penh love hearing foreigners drop a few phrases in Khmer.

Gentlemen looking to speak Khmer with Cambodian bar girls, whether they are freelance girls, hostess bar girls, or girls from the streets of Phnom Penh, will likely find themselves in a limited variety of situations, requiring a limited amount of vocabulary. This short collection of words and phrases will likely get you through most situations, making night time excursions experiences more entertaining and fun.

General Complimentary Vocabulary & Pleasantries

This section of vocabulary is good for coming, going, and making a good impressions.  When you speak Khmer with Cambodian bar girls, as with anyone, being nice goes a long way, so it pays to make the effort.

Beautiful: Sa-aht

Nice Girl: Srei La-oh

Smile: Sau-it

Hair (on the head): Saw

Hello: Soo-ah Sa-Die

Goodbye: Knee Howie

See You Next Time: Joop K-nea Pail Kra-wee

Thank You: Ah-keun

I Would Like A Beer Please: K-n-yome Soom Sra Bee-ah

Would You Like A Drink?: Jong Puk Avai-avai?

Speak Khmer With Cambodian Bar Girls When Playing Pool

It seems as though almost every bar in Phnom Penh has a pool table.  Even if you are not a fan of 8 ball, you’ll no doubt find yourself in a pool game with a girl at some point if you are here long enough.  It always makes it a bit more interesting to make a few comments to your female pool opponent when you play.  You may even understand some of what she is saying to you; a super bonus if your girl of choice does not speak a lick of English.

Win: Che-nay-ah

I/You Win: K-n-yome/Neck Che-nay-ah

Loose: Jeun

I/You Loose: K-n-yome/Neck Jeun

The Ball Went In The Pocket: Bawl Cho Low

The Ball Will Go In That Pocket: Bawl Cho Low Aie New (point at the pocket)

I/You Go First: K-n-yome/Neck Tao Tee Moo-ee

Two Shots For Me/You: Pee Dong K-n-yome/Neck

Very Good!: La-oh Na!

Lucky: Samnang

Unlucky: Ot Samnang

I/You Play Small Balls: K-n-yome/Neck Tow-it

I/You Play Big Balls: K-n-yome/Neck Tom

Speak Khmer With Cambodian Bar Girls About Sexual Stuff

Choi: Sex (vulgar, also an expletive)

Choi Kneah: Sex together

Twer Knea: Have sex (literally, do together)

Would you like to go have sex?: Jong T-wer K-nea?

Would you like to go to my house now?: Jong Tao P-teh K-n-yome?

Da: Breasts

Koo-ah: Bum (someone’s behind)

Hair: Saw

Kiss: Taup

Cum: Gin Took

Eat (swallow): Nam

Naked: Srat

Kon-dui: Vagina

Kon-daw: Penis

Negotiation and Numbers

If you plan to take a girl out of a hostess bar on a barfine, it is well advised to talk money in advance.  Prices, and expectations vary wildly and you could wind up in a sticky situation at the end of the evening if you and your lady have different ideas about how much she should be paid.  Be sure to speak Khmer with Cambodian bar girls to make sure they understand.

How Much (Money)?: Poon-man?

I Like You/Her But…: K-n-yome Jol-jut Neck/Koh-at Boon-tie…

That Is Expensive: T-lai Na

I Will Give (Pay)…: K-n-yome Ah-wee… (add number here)

Sorry, I’ll Leave (the negotiation) Now: Soom Tooh, K-n-yome Tao (walk away)

No Problem: Ot Pan-yah-ha

Let’s Go Together: Tao Jee-moo-ee K-neah

Numbers: CLick here to link to a site that teaches numbers.  For a quick lesson from a foreigner on how to count in Khmer click here.  Some of the pronunciation is questionable, but it is definitely good enough to get by with.

Khmer Backwards Slang

If you find rhyming cockney slang confusing and generally annoying, then brace yourself for this wacky Khmer variant.  Cambodian people believe that it is incredibly clever, and amusing, to re-arrange the syllables of common phrases.    Accordingly, when a foreigner does it, it is all the more entertaining.  It is highly recommended to use this slang when you try to speak with Cambodian bar girls as it may likely result in confusion at first, then rolls of giggles once they figure out what you are saying.  They really don’t expect it (with good reason).  The bold is the backwards slang, the translation is the forwards words, and the brackets are the English meaning.

Sai-sa-bok: Suk-sa-buy (hello greeting)

Cha-pee-noi: Choi Pee Neck (sex with two people)

Chea Knoi: Choi Knea (sex together)

Hopefully the vocabulary, phrases and slang provided in this article will make your evening venture more fun and eventful.  Commit everything to memory, or print out the article and take it along.

Please note, these phrases are shortened, and are not necessarily grammatically perfect.  Wherever possible, they have been modified to be easier and shorter, and closer to the way the Cambodian girls actually speak than to proper Khmer.  The Khmer language in this post can be learned and understood more easily so that our readers are able to speak with Cambodian bar girls with minimal effort.

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Strategies to Deal With Phnom Penh Bar Girls

Cambodian Girl Posing for Picture

Phnom Penh bar girls come in all shapes and sizes (short and slim is the most common by far though) and they all have their own game.  Knowing it can ensure maximum fun for you, and, hopefully, this comes about by showing the girl you fancy a good time too.  This post will briefly go over five common types of Phnom Penh bar girls you are likely to encounter in hostess barsfreelancer joints, and discos.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #1 – The Newbie

Description - These girls may not only be new to this line of work, they are possibly new to Phnom Penh too.  They could be from some village or provincial capital and probably have no English.  They learn the basics quickly enough though.  Most often found in hostess bars because some hostess bars actively recruit young new girls by offering jobs to girls working in garment factories offering a job sitting in a bar with tips and higher pay instead of sitting long hours in a hot factory sewing.  They also recruit passively by allowing girls employed at the bar to bring their friends to work based on word of mouth.

Strategies - These girls are often shy, so getting to them first is a good idea.   They may get a kick out of hearing a foreigner try to speak some Khmer with them, so bring your dictionary and give it a try.  You may end up with a free Khmer lesson in the process.  Chatting with the other girls in the bar and getting them to like you helps too.  Visit a few times before attempting to barfine to gain her confidence.  It is entirely possible that such girls are just “working for the salary and tips” and are in fact non-barfinable.  They want to keep their future prospects or marriage open, and uphold their family’s reputation so they choose to remain virgins.  If this is the case, respect her wishes.  Their are lots of other fish in the sea of Phnom Penh bar girls.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #2 – The Party Girl

Description - These girls genuinely like partying at discos and is akin to party girls who work all week and party all weekend in the west.  Think of them like promiscuous party girls at discos back home who go out to pick up a guy to have a one night stand, but with a few important differences.  She may or may not have day job, she may just go with a customer to finance the cost of partying.

Strategies - Have fun with her and take part in the disco activities.  Drink, dance, and be merry.  It will make a good impression, but, like party girls in western countries she may be selective.  One way to check if you are in is to buy her a drink, if she doesn’t disappear with it once you’ve paid, you’re in. If you take her early in the evening offer to go to a guesthouse nearby, she’ll probably want to go back to the disco afterwards.  Where can one find these girls?  PontoonRiverhouse, and Heart of Darkness are three nice enough discos where party girls looking for foreigners can be found Phnom Penh.  Look for them on the dance floor.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #3 – The “Ice Head”

Description - Phnom Penh bar girls work long hours.  Some of them use methamphetamine, or ice as it is known locally.  It is either a social recreational habit, or something to “take the edge off” when she does a job she doesn’t enjoy, or else it is a way for her to stay awake all night.  Ice has the side effect of suppressing appetite and being addictive.  The easiest way to spot a girl with an ice habit is the fact that she appears underweight.  Not only because she’s got no appetite, she may simply choose to spend her money on ice instead of food.  Some girls, on some occasions, can be a bit unpredictable and crazy for obvious reasons.

Strategies - These girls are keen to get customers and are easy to meet.  If they are high, it may or may not be obvious.  But if they are, they are less inhibited both in public and in private as a result.  Some guys may like their Phnom Penh bar girls uninhibited, but if you decide to take her someplace to be alone, keep an eye on your wallet.  Some of these girls have sticky fingers.  As far as other activities, the decent thing to do is to offer to buy them some food.  Ask to go with them to whatever snack stall is nearby and see what’s on offer to make sure your money gets her a few extra calories.

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #4 - Waiting for the big score

Waiting to go into Heart of Darkness

Description - These girls are looking for relatively few customers who can afford to pay more. Usually they are very beautiful girls, and they know it.  Often very well dressed, graceful, and in high heels in the evenings, they can be found in a variety of places including hostess bars, freelancer hangouts, and discos.  They are good with make up, have better than average taste in clothes, and have cultivated the poise to pull them off.  Big score girls are usually quite pleasant, and friendly and more often than not they are on their own.  When they find their “big score”, they don’t want competition around in the form of an attractive girlfriend looking for the same thing.  Ultimately, such attractive girls are looking for a western husband with a steady income.  Assuming they have what was mentioned above, they will often be successful and leave the scene of Phnom Penh bar girls once and for all.

Strategies - These girls are, by the nature of their game, more selective.  They will be looking for guys with money, or attractive, younger guys.  So, you can try to play up one of these strengths when chatting with her.  The big score girls may be impressive in the evenings after spending an hour or so in a beauty salon getting dolled up, but in the day time, without makeup, a girl can look quite average compared her nighttime alter ego.  If you are short on cash, offer to take her to lunch the next day, or just meet up.  Big paying customers are evening fare for her, so you may be able to get a better price if you plan to take her somewhere more intimate in the day since it will be during her off peak hours when she’s not gone through the trouble of making herself up.  Going with a customer generally spoils her makeup.

Alternatively, you may just wish to be the one to spoil her makeup.  If so, when you meet such a girl in the evening just offer to pay her asking price.  Hopefully by doing this you can enjoy your evening with her as she will be in a happy mood knowing that she will be getting the financial compensation she wants.  Being straight forward and asking in the bar is perfectly fine.  She may be looking for $40 -$60 for a short time, possibly even more.  These girls tend to have regular customers whose company they enjoy and that can afford them.  By waiting for the right guy, she’ll earn with one customer what other girls earn with two or three.  Which brings us to our final type of bar girl discussed in this post…

Phnom Penh Bar Girl #5 - Taking all punters

Description - This type is your hardworking, salt of the earth bar girl.  They will sometimes approach potential customers in their venue and maximize their earnings by sheer volume.  Charming talkers, young girls, and pretty girls can find two, three or more customers in a night by going with them for a short time, then returning to the bar.  They may even head to another spot to look for their next customer if you have freed them for the evening by paying their bar fine.  Girls who are not well endowed with ways to attract guys may sit around all night, hoping for several customers but finding none.

Strategies - The only strategy for this kind of girl is to be conscious of her time.  She will not want to go out dancing, or visit another bar with you because it means she’s giving up time to meet her next customer.  They are out there to shake their money makers, so just make a proposition.  Phnom Penh bar girls like these are happy to move fast and not too stickly about the price.  Most are happy enough with $20, having asked numerous girls of this type, they say that $15 is okay, and $20 is a fair price.  If she’s looking for more than this, she’s probably not taking all punters.

Phnom Penh Bar Girls

Surely there are lots more different types and sub-types of bar girls that could go in an article such as this.  Feel free to comment on them below if you have a type of bar girl the guys want to know about.  Hopefully this article has been useful and will help you to effectively navigate your way through the throngs of Phnom Penh bar girls you’ll encounter on your next evening on the town.

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